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  • Common Hot Spots For Indoor Mold Growth

    The Most Common Hot Spots For Indoor Mold Growth Mold requires an adequate moisture source to develop and spread in your indoor environment. Some areas of your Ohio home may…

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  • Home Maintenance Mistakes That Can Lead To Indoor Mold Growth

    30 July 2019Maintenance Tips, Prevention

    Understanding Mold Growth In Order To Prevent Mold Growth Airborne mold spores can travel, spread and contaminate virtually any any surface if afforded the right conditions. With an adequate moisture…

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  • Crawl Space Vapor Barrier– Crawl Space Moisture Control & Crawl Space Mold Prevention

    30 May 2019Maintenance Tips, Prevention

    Crawl spaces can be naturally prone to excess moisture buildup. With everything from humidity to moisture intrusion, your crawl space can easily fall victim to major moisture damage and mold…

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  • Seasonal Mold Prevention : How To Prevent Basement Mold This Spring Season

    30 March 2019Maintenance Tips, Prevention

    Now that it is officially the spring season in Cleveland Ohio, it is that time of year again to conduct your spring home maintenance and spring cleaning. This is also…

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  • Mold Prevention in Cleveland OH Homes: Humidity Control

    24 December 2018Maintenance Tips, Prevention

    A key part of mold prevention includes humidity control. You don’t need something as obvious as a flood or major leak to end up with a mold problem. Moisture buildup…

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  • Efflorescence V.S Mold Growth

    24 November 2018Mold Remediation, Mold Removal, Prevention

    Efflorescence is often mistaken as mold growth by Ohio home and business owners. Both efflorescence and mold occurs in damp environments and present similar growth characteristics. While efflorescence is not mold,…

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  • Spring Maintenance To Protect Your Home

    14 April 2017Maintenance Tips, Prevention

    Spring means warmer weather, longer days and plenty of outdoor activities. This is also a great opportunity for homeowners to conduct maintenance checks and address any concerns. Routine maintenance helps…

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