• Commercial Mold Inspection & Commercial Mold Removal

    Indoor Mold Growth In An Ohio Business or Commercial Building Our businesses are our livelihood. And now, more than ever, Ohio business owners are grateful to be in business and…

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  • Mold Remediation Guide For Property Managers — Handling Tenant Reported Mold

    What Should Property Managers Do About Mold Concerns In a Rental Property? Property managers and property owners are responsible for the maintenance needs of your properties. Everything from routine maintenance…

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  • The Importance of Gutter & Downspout Maintenance for Mold Prevention

    30 April 2020Maintenance Tips, Prevention

    The Importance of Downspout & Gutter Maintenance Clogged or damaged gutters and downspouts can lead to a variety of water-related issues like roof damage, foundation damage, water damage and indoor mold…

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  • Mold Inspection For Real Estate Transactions in Lake County Ohio

    10 March 2020Mold Inspection

    Inspections are very important to the buying and selling process. The standard home inspection will include a complete inspection of the entire structure with a review of the overall condition…

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  • How to Keep My Basement Dry

    30 January 2020Maintenance Tips, Prevention

    How to Keep My Basement Dry Basements in Ohio homes can be incredibly vulnerable to flooding and water damage. If left unaddressed, water seepage, leaks, flooding and other water issues…

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  • Should I Paint Over Mold?

    Simply put — NO, do not paint over mold. Mold is considered a bio-contaminate that needs to be actively removed from the contaminated surface. Additionally, you need to properly address the…

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  • Indoor Mold Prevention During The Winter Months In Ohio

    29 November 2019Maintenance Tips, Prevention

    Mold prevention is a year-round job. Just because the hot, humid months are behind us (for now), it does not mean that indoor mold growth will be taking a vacation….

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  • Dealing With Musty Odors & Getting to the Source

    Musty Odors, Water Damage & Indoor Mold Growth Not every homeowner knows what to look for when it comes to identifying signs of a mold problem or hidden water damage….

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  • What is Black Mold?

    29 September 2019Mold Remediation, Mold Removal

    We’ve all heard about it — the infamously feared “Black Mold.” With the heightened awareness of black mold comes a whole slew of misinformation and mistreatment of mold contaminated spaces….

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  • Common Hot Spots For Indoor Mold Growth

    The Most Common Hot Spots For Indoor Mold Growth Mold requires an adequate moisture source to develop and spread in your indoor environment. Some areas of your Ohio home may…

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  • Home Maintenance Mistakes That Can Lead To Indoor Mold Growth

    30 July 2019Maintenance Tips, Prevention

    Understanding Mold Growth In Order To Prevent Mold Growth Airborne mold spores can travel, spread and contaminate virtually any any surface if afforded the right conditions. With an adequate moisture…

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  • What is Mold Testing & Mold Sampling?

    28 June 2019Mold Inspection

    Indoor mold problems can mean serious property damage and potential health implications over time. Mold needs to be actively removed from the contaminated space in order to restore clean and…

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  • Crawl Space Vapor Barrier– Crawl Space Moisture Control & Crawl Space Mold Prevention

    30 May 2019Maintenance Tips, Prevention

    Crawl spaces can be naturally prone to excess moisture buildup. With everything from humidity to moisture intrusion, your crawl space can easily fall victim to major moisture damage and mold…

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  • The Truth About Mold- Common Mold Myths Exposed

    27 April 2019Mold Remediation, Mold Removal

    In today’s technological age, we are more connected than ever. We have a wealth of knowledge right at our fingertips. With that, also comes a wealth of misconceptions. There is…

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  • Seasonal Mold Prevention : How To Prevent Basement Mold This Spring Season

    30 March 2019Maintenance Tips, Prevention

    Now that it is officially the spring season in Cleveland Ohio, it is that time of year again to conduct your spring home maintenance and spring cleaning. This is also…

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  • Reasons To NEVER Use Bleach For Mold Cleanup

    28 February 2019Mold Remediation, Mold Removal

    We hear it a lot, “I tried wiping it down with bleach” or “Oh, we”ll just spray it down with bleach.” One of the most common misconceptions regarding mold is…

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  • Attic Mold Cleveland OH: Cause & Prevention

    Attics are often relegated as storage space, and we often spend little to no time in the attic. We don’t necessary mean to, but we tend to neglect our attic…

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  • Mold Prevention in Cleveland OH Homes: Humidity Control

    24 December 2018Maintenance Tips, Prevention

    A key part of mold prevention includes humidity control. You don’t need something as obvious as a flood or major leak to end up with a mold problem. Moisture buildup…

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  • Efflorescence V.S Mold Growth

    24 November 2018Mold Remediation, Mold Removal, Prevention

    Efflorescence is often mistaken as mold growth by Ohio home and business owners. Both efflorescence and mold occurs in damp environments and present similar growth characteristics. While efflorescence is not mold,…

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  • What is Professional Mold Remediation? Do I Need It?

    27 October 2018Mold Remediation, Mold Removal

    What Does Mold Remediation Mean? Mold remediation is defined as the removal, cleaning, sanitizing, demolition, or other treatment, including preventive activities, of mold or mold-contaminated materials from an environment that…

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