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Commercial Mold Inspection Cleveland Ohio

Indoor Mold Growth In An Ohio Business or Commercial Building

Our businesses are our livelihood. And now, more than ever, Ohio business owners are grateful to be in business and have the opportunity to continue to operate. To ensure business success, it is important to make sure your commercial building is clean, safe and in good condition to ensure to health and safety of your tenants, employees, clients and other occupants. Indoor mold growth can be incredibly problematic if not properly diagnosed and effectively removed. Neglected or poorly addressed mold problems can jeopardize the operation of your business and put occupants at risk. Business owners and facility managers should regularly conduct thorough maintenance checks for signs of potential mold or moisture problems. In the event there is a mold problem, it needs to be actively removed under the proper containment and following specific mold remediation protocols. Additionally, the moisture source needs to be properly repaired to prevent regrowth.

It does not take much for mold to develop and spread. Once exposed to enough moisture, spores will germinate, root into your porous building materials and spread into a major contamination. Leaks, floods, water seepage, high humidity and poor ventilation are all adequate water sources for indoor mold growth. Unaddressed mold and moisture buildup will damage building materials, cause structural rotting, lead to health effects and more. Once mold roots itself into the porous building materials of a commercial building, the deeply embedded mold roots become very difficult to remove without the proper skills and equipment. 

Commercial Mold Inspection with Professional Mold Testing in Cleveland Ohio

Thermal Imaging Mold Inspection OhioAirborne fungal spores are microscopic and can easily spread without notice. Once spores are exposed to enough water, spores will germinate and develop into a widespread contamination. When there are suspicions of mold, the first step is enlist the help of a certified mold inspector in Cleveland Ohio. Mold inspectors are professionally trained to conduct thorough and comprehensive mold inspections with mold testing to investigate your mold and moisture concerns. Through an assessment, an inspector will be able to determine if you have a mold problem, the severity of the mold problem, the underlying cause of the mold problem, and the proper mold remediation solution.

Mold inspectors use specialized investigative tools like moisture meters, hygrometers, thermal imaging cameras, particle counters and more to understand the conditions of the structure. With the right combination of air quality samples and surface samples, professional mold testing will provide scientific data on the exact moldiness of the indoor environment. If an inspection reveals a mold problem, the information gathered will be used to develop an effective scope of work for proper mold remediation. When it comes to mold, early detection, containment and removal can help business owners avoid major property damage and an expensive repair bill. 

Commercial Mold Removal For Cleveland Ohio Businesses

Ongoing mold growth and moisture buildup can mean serious property damage, employee health risks, structural damage and additional safety concerns. All of these issues can compromise a business’s ability to effectively operate. Mold needs to be actively removed to restore clean and safe conditions for you, your employees, your clients and all occupants. Additionally, the underlying moisture problem needs to be properly addressed to restore a dry environment and prevent future mold re-growth. When faced with a moldy situation in your building, you should contact a trained and experienced commercial mold remediation professional in the Cleveland area. 

Mold is considered a bio-contaminate that requires specific handling in order to prevent health risks, cross-contamination, re-growth, and additional damage. Poorly handled mold removal can be a serious health and safety issue that puts you, your employees, and other occupants at risk. Professional mold removal in Cleveland Ohio is completed under containment with HEPA air filtration. Remediation technicians are required to wear the proper personal protective equipment. Mold removal companies use professional-grade cleaning equipment and cleaning agents to perform mold cleanup and restore clean and safe conditions. If you suspect a potential problem in your commercial building, let the professionals help. 


If you are dealing with a potential mold problem in your commercial building, the trained mold inspectors and mold remediation technicians at Mastertech Environmental are trained to help. Our team of inspectors are trained & certified to provide comprehensive mold inspections to get to the bottom of your concerns. Mastertechs mold remediation crew provides the safes and most effective mold removal services possible to restore clean and safe conditions. Don’t let mold interfere with your business operations, call the mold experts at Mastertech today – 216-800-9400.

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