What is Black Mold?

September 29, 2019 • Mold Remediation, Mold Removal

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We’ve all heard about it — the infamously feared “Black Mold.” With the heightened awareness of black mold comes a whole slew of misinformation and mistreatment of mold contaminated spaces. Let’s take a closer look at the truth about black mold and mold in general.

Should Cleveland Ohio Homeowners Be Concerned About Black Mold?

The truth is, elevated indoor mold growth (no matter the type or species) is problematic. Cleveland property owners should be concerned about ALL mold growth, not just black mold. 

The infamously known “Black Mold” is often referencing Stachybotrys. Stachybotrys is a specific mold genus known to produce mycotoxins. The ability to produce mycotoxins is often what defines a “Toxic Mold.” Stachybotrys is a water damage indicator and is usually only present in environments that have been exposed to extreme moisture (i.e.: a flooded building). With that in mind, it does not exist in normal, clean environments. The presence of Stachybotrys is extremely problematic, not only because of its potential toxicity, but because its presence means you have a serious underlying water damage problem as well.

While black mold is a problem, it is important to keep in mind that ALL molds are equally problematic if it begins to develop and spread in your Ohio property. Cleveland OH homeowners should be cautious of ALL indoor mold growth.

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Why is Mold Bad?

Sure, black mold is a problem. BUT it is not the only problem. Do not let the emphasis on the threat of black mold distract you. Black mold is not the only kind of mold that releases mycotoxins. There are countless species of molds that have the potential to produce mycotoxins, not just black mold. It is also important to keep in mind that potentially toxic molds come in all colors. Mold typically presents as white, black, grey, brown or green. It can be powdery or appear in large or small splotches. Not all mold that is black in color is necessarily toxic and not all toxic molds are actually black in color. If you are unsure of what you might be looking at, call a professional mold inspector in Cleveland Ohio to conduct an assessment.

Additionally, just because it does not produce mycotoxins, does not mean it is harmless. Elevated presence of ANY mold species is problematic. Excess indoor mold growth means an underlying moisture problems. Mold and moisture can lead to serious property damage, compromise structural integrity, diminish property value and cause potential health implications. Elevated indoor mold growth (no matter the species) needs to be actively removed, and the moisture source needs to be properly addressed in order to protect your property, restore clean conditions and prevent additional, costlier repairs.

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What Causes Black Mold Growth

The biggest contributor to mold growth is moisture. Often times, at the end of a moldy trail is a water source. In the presence of an adequate moisture, it only takes 24-48 hours for mold spores to begin to germinate, develop and spread. Unaddressed moisture and mold will worsen with time and leave Cleveland Ohio property owners with widespread mold and water damage. Some of the more obvious moisture problems include water intrusion, flooding and leaks. However, some moisture problems are not so obvious. Moisture buildup from elevated indoor humidity, lack of ventilation or condensation can prove to be equally threatening in terms of mold.

When dealing with indoor mold, you MUST address causation as well. A mold inspector will assess the full extent of the mold contamination and assess moisture patterns to understand what caused the mold in the first place. Source removal is equally as important as mold removal. Removing the moisture source and implementing the appropriate moisture control tactics following remediation is key to prevent future regrowth.

How To Deal With Indoor Black Mold Growth

Regardless of color, type or species — elevated indoor mold growth (of any kind) needs to be actively removed to prevent additional damage and problems. Additionally, the moisture source feeding the mold growth needs to be properly addressed in order to prevent future regrowth. A professional mold removal company in Cleveland OH will have the necessary experience and training to help with your mold problems. Mold is considered a bio-contaminate that requires specialized cleanup.

Professional mold remediation is completed under critical containment to prevent cross-contamination to clean, unaffected areas. Non-salvageable building materials, that cannot be effectively cleaned, will need to be carefully extracted, properly bagged and safely disposed of. The remaining surfaces need to be cleaned following strict mold remediation standards and guidelines. Specially trained mold remediation technicians adhere to strict safety protocols to to ensure safe and effective cleanup.

If you suspect a potential mold problem in your Cleveland Ohio home or business, the mold removal experts at Mastertech Environmental can help. Contact us today to learn more about our mold services in your Ohio area.

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