Crawl Space Vapor Barrier– Crawl Space Moisture Control & Crawl Space Mold Prevention

May 30, 2019 • Maintenance Tips, Prevention

crawl space vapor barrier ohio

Crawl spaces can be naturally prone to excess moisture buildup. With everything from humidity to moisture intrusion, your crawl space can easily fall victim to major moisture damage and mold contamination. However, crawl space moisture and crawl space mold are not completely inevitable. There are a variety of moisture preventatives that Ohio homeowners can implement to control crawl space moisture and prevent crawl space mold growth. The right combination of the appropriate moisture control tactics can keep your crawl space clean, dry and problem free.

If your building structure is built on a crawl space with a dirt floor, a properly installed vapor barrier can be the solution to a number of common moisture related problems. Dirt or sand floors emit moisture or water vapors all year-round. These water vapors rise with normal air currents in you crawl space and eventually wind up clinging to your wood floor joists, sub-flooring and insulation. A crawl space vapor barrier is a layer of plastic installed over the dirt floor of a crawl space. A vapor barrier controls crawl space moisture levels by slowing or preventing the evaporation of ground moisture into the crawl space air.

Crawl Space Moisture Control Cleveland Ohio

crawl space mold technicianMoisture control is important to protect your Ohio property. Uncontrolled moisture buildup in the crawl space can lead to a a multitude of problems like mold growth, water damage and structural damage. Unaddressed crawl space moisture buildup can wreak havoc on your building materials and diminish your property value. Ohio homeowners should conduct routine maintenance checks to look for signs of potential moisture problems. When it comes to moisture, early detect is important. If you uncover signs of a moisture problem, address it immediately.

Problems Caused by Crawl Space Moisture:

  1. Mold development– With an adequate moisture source, mold can begin to develop and spread.
  2. Water Damage– Moisture buildup can lead to structural damage to the property, which can compromise structural integrity and lead to additional property damage.
  3. Wood Decay– Water vapors absorbed into the building materials in your crawl space will begin to destroy the structural integrity of the building materials. Wood decay ruins the home’s support system.
  4. Compromised Insulation– Moisture buildup will weigh down your insulation. Falling insulation cannot properly insulate your crawl space.

Signs of a Moisture Problem:

  1. Standing water or mud after a heavy rain
  2. Efflorescence on crawl space walls
  3. Unpleasant, musty odors
  4. Pealing paint on exterior of home
  5. Insects and other pest infestations

One of the more common moisture control methods for a crawl space is installing a vapor barrier. While vapors barriers are not appropriate for all crawl spaces, it might be beneficial if you have a dirt floor crawl space emitting water vapors into your crawl space air and leading to elevated crawl space humidity. A crawl space vapor barrier is a layer of heavy-duty plastic installed over the dirt crawl space floor to slow or prevent the evaporation of ground moisture into the crawl space air. A strategically installed vapor barrier can go a long way in preventing moisture related crawl space problems.

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Crawl Space Mold Prevention Cleveland Ohio

Crawl spaces are one of the most common areas for mold development due to the traditionally damp conditions. Without the proper precautions (like a properly installed vapor barrier), crawl spaces are especially vulnerable to moisture buildup that can feed a major mold contamination. Severe mold growth can lead to property damage, potential health issues and expensive repair costs. In order to protect your property and family from the side effects of mold, you should implement the proper preventative measures. The key element to mold prevention is moisture control. If your building structure is built on a dirt crawl space, you might notice elevated humidity and general dampness in your crawl space. This could be caused by the water vapors being released from the dirt floor. This dampness can feed a serious mold problem if homeowners are not careful. A vapor barrier can control the evaporation of water vapors from the dirt floor into the crawl space air and prevent crawl space mold growth.

If you uncover a potential mold problem in your crawl space due to unaddressed moisture buildup, you should contact a crawl space mold removal professional. The mold needs to be actively removed and the moisture source needs to be properly addressed. Mold can mean serious property damage and health implications. A crawl space mold professional will have the necessary tools and experience to identify the full extent of the contamination and get to the bottom of the moisture source.


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